1942 August struggle and the communist party of india

by Dilip Bose

Forward By

C Rajeswara Rao

This is not the first time that the Quit India moment has been forked out to slander and attack the communist moment in our country. Whenever the ruling circles and reactionary vested interested are in the tight corner or the communist moment making headway, they would dig up old fables to whip up anti-communist prejudices.The pet theme is the so called ‘betrayal’ of the freedom struggle in 1942 by communist party of india. Such things happened a number of times in the past, even as late as in 1975,during the days of emergency imposed by Mrs Indira Gandhi.

Now extreme reaction is worried because of the forging of left unity through the united struggles of the toiling people and also its gathering round of democratic allies. Hence this resurrection of the ghost of 1942 once again by Arun shourie in order to isolate the communist moment by fanning anti – communism

Communists are second to none in their love for the motherland. Sometimes our path and tactics are differed from thoseof the leadership of the Congress. But that is another matter. We are also second to none in making sacrifices in the cause of the countries freedom and its advance. Because of this the communist moment in our country could attract ardent patriots and revolutionaries form all streams of the freedom moment, including the congress, some of whose names are mentioned in the booklet.

We are proud that we brought the organized movements of the workers, peasants, agricultural labourers, students , youth and women in to the freedom struggle

We are also proud that in the final phase of the freedom struggle, communist party of india led such revolutionary movements as the famous Telengana armed struggle, punnapra vayalar Armed struggle,in Kerala and Bombay textile workers in support of RIN mutiny, Nilgiri- Dhenkanal struggles in the former princely states of Orissa and the Banga Tegbhaga struggle in which over 5000 communists laid down their lives. In this way the CPI played its roll in the foiling the game of British imperialists and their stooges, the native princes, to balkanise our country by spilling the blood of heroic martyrs.

(will be continued..)

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