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CONSTITUTION OF THE COMMUNIST PARTY OF INDIA (As amended by the 21st Party Congress held at Patna in March 2012) PREAMBLE The Communist Party of India is the political party of the Indian working class. It is a voluntary organisation … Continue reading

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CPI- History

It is an undisputable fact that the October socialist revolution in Russia paved the way for the formation of the Communist Party India . Inspired by the revolution so many youngsters in the sub continent through of a revolution which … Continue reading

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Communist Manifesto

Manifesto of the Communist Party by Karl Marx and Frederick Engels February 1848 Preface to The 1888 English Edition  The Manifesto was published as the platform of the Communist League, a working men’ s association, first exclusively German, later on … Continue reading

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Origin Of AISF In India

   Short History of All India Students Federation (AISF) (1936-2004) by:  Anil Rajimwale Background From Nineteenth Century History of AISF (All India Students Federation) is an inseparable part of the freedom movement of our country.  The student community have added glorious … Continue reading

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